Word Disambiguation

Work has started on my final year project and so far I've stuck to my original plan. I have been developing a system that uses a dictionary API (currently for the Collins English Dictionary) in order to find grammar groups for words within a sentance. However, I have found that sometimes words are in multiple groups and therefore, must detect which grouping is the correct one.

Word Disambiguation

In order to solve this issue I need to remove the ambiguity about which definition or "sense" of the word is meant in a given sentance.

Fortunately I found a paper (Using Triangulation to Identify Word Sense) which explains a technique that can be used to indetify the appropriate grammar grouping for a word. Also by using an increased number of dictionaries this technique suggests that archaic definitions have reduced impact on miss-assignment of the grammar groups.

After implementing this I should be able to detect which words in a given sentance contribute to it's context and therefore, will be better placed to develop a system for following that context between discrete pieces of textual input.