Wine making

Those who know me, know that I have recently become a homebrewing enthusiast. I have so far made around 120pints of beer. I have been looking forward to a chance to broaden my homebrewing to include wine making as well - However as I do not have a summer job I did not wish to spend my money to buy my first kit. And so...

My Birthday Present

This year my family got me a Winexpert Selection International 6 week wine kit for my birthday (pictured below.) This kit was recomended to me by a friend and I have been looking forward to trying it all summer.
Winexpert Selection International It takes 6-8 weeks to make 30 bottles of wine. I was lucky enough to get my birthday present VERY early this year, meaning that at the end of september when I go back to uni I can take my home made wine with me.

I am very much looking forward to tasting the first ever wine I've made myself and hopefully shall be enjoying the wine I am leaving at home over Christmas with my family.

About the wine

The Australian Cabernet Shiraz wine kit comes with a lot of oak and makes a very full bodied wine. As this wine has been fermenting and ageing there has been a wonderful smell from it - There is no doubt that this is wine! The wine is about 12.5% ABV and is slowly clearing and maturing. Already some of those wonderful fruity shiraz flavours are present and as it ages the wine will just get better and better.