Wine making - LE2012 Progress

For those who have been following my blog you will know that for just over a month now I have been making a wine from the Winexpert LE2012 kit. The wine I am making is a Portuguese Aragones Cabernet Sauvignon.

Progress so far

The wine has now finished fermenting and as expected has reached a final alcohol level of 13.5% - A good strength for a Red wine.

A great deal of CO2 was trapped in the wine due to the fermentation process and so after the fermenting finished the wine had to be degassed. Now CO2 free the wine has been stabilised and then will clear to give a beautiful red wine.

This kit contained two sets of Oak, one set to be infused into the wine during the first stages of fermentation and a second set of oak cubes to be infused after stabilising. The smell of oak was beautiful and now all of the wonderful oak flavours should have soaked into the wine.

The wine has now been transferred into a glass demijohn for long-term storage. This will allow the wine to bulk age for 12 months. During this time it will be left as undisturbed as possible and ideally in a temperature stable environment.

This is a picture of the wine after I racked it into the demijohn. As you can see I put a wine label on it so that I could tell what's in there!
LE2012 in a demijohn

What next?

For the next year the wine will age, releasing the full flavours of the grapes. Next Christmas I shall be testing and tasting and if the wine is ready I shall bottle some and the rest will go into a wine box to be enjoyed over the holidays!

The wine I save in the bottles will be saved and some will be enjoyed in the next year. I would also like to hold onto a bottle to see how it ages over a number of years.