Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to my new blog - It's been a while coming! I've decided to use the Ghost blogging platform after backing it on kickstarter. (http://tryghost.org)

What will I post?

Whatever I feel like talking about really. My uni projects, personal projects... all those things that interest me and hopefully will interest anyone who stumbles across this blog.

Why do it?

Because I can? - No not really, The reason I am writing a blog is simple... It gives me a place that I can look back on later and see all that I have done in the years gone by and go "Bloomin' heck, I was busy back then!"

So Why should I bother to read it?!!

You don't have to. But if you do you never know, you might just find out something you didn't know before, or that is fun or interesting - It's completely up to you, this is more for me!

A final note

My blog is currently a work in progress. Things will be added as time goes on. Already I've added Facebook comments! Keep your eye out for future updates