My final week of UROP: OS Failure

Over the weekend between the fifth and sixth weeks of my UROP placement, my MacBook Pro suffered a catastrophic operating system (OS) failure.

What happened?

My MacBook Pro started to suffer frequent kernel panics, to the point that it would crash as soon as it finished booting up. This meant that using it was impossible. Unfortunately, so was backing it up. I had to resort to re-installing the OS. Due to the fact I was using OS X Yosemite developer preview, I required install media to re-install OS X. As I did not have this with me in London, I had to book an appointment with an Apple Store, where OS X 10.9 Mavericks was re-installed for me.

Back to work

After this I went back to work, polishing my application ready for release later in the summer. I also worked on ideas for enhancing the educational aspects of the application. I came up with the idea of a quiz mode. However, I will not have time during my placement to fully develop it! I will be working on this during my spare time over the summer.

Drawing to an end

This week was the last week of my UROP placement. Over the six weeks, I got to spend time working with a lecturer to develop support material for their lectures. As well as this, I got to develop a wide range of my programming and problem solving skills.

Where can I find out information about the application?

In the future, further information about the Feedback Model Application will be available on its page on the OlliesPage website. Any future posts on this blog related to it will be tagged with the tag Feedback App.