Final Year Project: A conclusion

My final year project is now complete and has been submitted. So I thought I'd take this time to write up a nice little blog post »

Word Embeddings: an in-depth explanation

Word embeddings are an important part of natural language processing and as such are playing an important role in my project. I thought it'd be useful »

Solving a Problem

In my last post I talked about the data sets that can be used to train a system to find the subject of a sentence. This »

Data Sets for Training A.I.

In order to train any learning algorithm, a suitable data set is required. In fact, three data sets are required: A training set, a validation set »

Analysing Key Phrases in Sentences

In my last post I talked about word sense disambiguation, which is the process of determining which grammatical tag should be assigned to words in a »

Word Disambiguation

Work has started on my final year project and so far I've stuck to my original plan. I have been developing a system that uses a »