Personal Development

Part of my role in my job as a sound technician at RUSU involves using technical equipment during acoustic events. This year RUSU paid for a short training session on using such equipment from a professional sound contractor. The aim of this was to lower RUSU's reliance on external sound technicians during smaller events.

By applying what was learnt on every possible occasion and using the equipment as often as I can, I have reinforced what was taught during the training session. However, for me this short session was not enough.

For my own continued personal development I have been lucky enough to have a chance to continue to learn from the sound contractor and his colleagues. Each week I use some of my free time to learn how to use equipment through practical demonstration and experimentation where that is possible. This is a great opportunity for me to further my knowledge in a field I enjoy and gain valuable experience and training.

By knowing what areas I need to improve on from smaller events at RUSU I am able to ask for targeted sessions to help solve issues I am having and get a more rounded skill set. By doing so I hope to truly make the most of the opportunity and resources available to me.

This post comes to a big thank you to William D. and his colleagues at Sub89 for their help and time!