Limited Edition wine kits

Being a home brewer I am always on the lookout for things to make. My wine kit manufacture of choice, as mentioned before is Winexpert. Every year they do a limited edition wine kit. Shortly before my birthday I bought myself a LE2012 kit.

LE2012 Portuguese Aragones Cabernet Sauvignon

This is the kit I have and I started fermenting it last Thursday. Here is how it's described:

The wine has an aromatic profile of mulberry, blackberry currants, black cherry and cedar—and in time, a hint of rockrose and spice. In the mouth it offers cherry and raspberry, blackberry and plum, with a hint of tobacco competing with the cedar notes, along with subtle vanilla and toast.

It has gotten me a little worried, as it doesn't appear as active as I would expect. Hopefully it is fermenting away happily.

After this wine finishes fermenting I shall be storing it for a year to allow the wine to age before drinking. This shall bring through some of the more subtle flavours and turn what promises to be a good wine, into a truly great wine.

The broken hydrometer

Today I went to take a gravity reading to ensure that the kit is fermenting well and that I do not need to take any action. However on attempting to do so I found that my glass hydrometer has smashed! This is very upsetting and I have ordered a replacement.

I am worried about delivery of the replacement. I need it for Thursday, as this is when I should be checking the gravity and doing the first racking of the wine. This is the process of transferring the liquid into another fermenter for those that do not brew themselves. - Without a hydrometer to verify that I should be doing this at this time the wine is at risk of either being racked to early, or too late if I choose to wait until my hydrometer arrives.


Winexpert have announced the wines for LE2013. I have already pre-ordered mine! This year I have ordered the South African Shiraz Cabernet with Grape Skins. This means that there will be a packet of grape skins from the grapes used to make the kit included with it. By putting these into the fermenter along with the must made from the grape extract additional tannins, flavour and aroma is added to the wine.

Here is the Winexpert description of this wine:

This classic blend showcases the depth and ripeness of these intense grapes. Cabernet Sauvignon’s classic character of blackberry, currants, black cherry and cedar blend seamlessly with the densely packed berry, chocolate, espresso and pepper characters of Shiraz, with a hint of earthiness. As it ages it will show ever more blackberry along with plum and a hint of tobacco leading to rich vanilla and toasty-smoky notes.

This truly will be the best homemade wine I will have made to date! Unfortunately it shall not be available until some time in 2014. Also after I have fermented it there shall be a 12-month wait before drinking it! But in the end it shall all be worthwhile.

I look forward to writing about the progress of these limited edition wines in the future.