Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all and welcome to 2014! I've not posted for a while and felt that today would be a good day to open up the blog and write something down. So here it goes! I will try to post something about most of my major activities.

University work since my last post

Since my last post term has come to an end (in fact it ended on the 13th December). Leading up to this was a time of coursework deadlines and panic for most students. For me however, I only had one module with coursework due. This coursework was a group task and so the work was spread between 6 of us.

Now that term has ended the teaching of some modules will stop. Others will take their place. However this means that the knowledge I've gain in those modules that have finished, I must try to hang on to until the exams in my final term!

RUSU work

Over the last two weeks of term I took on as many shifts with RUSU as I could to earn extra money for the Christmas period. It was hard work and long hours, but, I managed to leave uni at the end of term feeling comfortable that I would not be running low on funds for Christmas. A good place to be I feel.

Sea Cadets Christmas Disco

One of my hobbies since I was a young child has been DJing. I loved going to parties and chatting with DJs, learning about their equipment and enjoying learing about playing a great gig.

As I got older I started DJing my own discos. At first for my birthday parties and new years and as time went on I started to get hired by football clubs in the local area. Each year I bought a new piece of equipment and grew my collection.

As a full time student living away from home I cannot take all my DJ gear with me. This means I don't get to do any gigs whilst I am away from home. Working in a nighclub helps me still be a part of the music industry and still get to learn about new equipment.

The only DJing I still do each year is a Christmas disco for the local Sea Cadets. It's a fun night and the kids (and adults [big kids]) love it!

This year I had no working smoke machine and was looking into replacing mine or renting one. I was lucky enough that my manager agreed to lend me the RUSU haze machine over Christmas! This vote of trust and confidence in me was very warming.

Homebrew now and into 2014

For Christmas one of my presents was a second keg for my homemade beer. I was very happy to get this and already know which Ale is going to fill it. As 2014 starts I plan to step up my game on beer production and make beers from scratch all by myself. This will be challenging. However if successfull this promises to be very rewarding.

I am still relatively new at wine making and my third wine is currently brewing so that it will be ready for my second term at Uni. It's a Cabernet Merlot and I truly look forward to sharing it with my friends.

Hopefully by the end of 2014 I shall have made both wine and beer that is at comercial standards.

A little note to leave you with

That's my catch up complete, and if you've made it this far... Well done! I hope you have a great year ahead. Enjoy 2014 - A new year is a time for new beginings so if something bothered you last year, now is the time to put it right!

Happy New Year.