First brew day of the year

For the first brew day of the year I went all out and put on a beer and wine. This busied the day but worked out well for me. Whilst I steeped the grains for the beer I was able to sanatize the fermentation vessel for my wine and whilst the bittering hops where boiling I made up the wine kit.

The beer I put on was a Mild, the recipe is a replica of Bass Mild XXXX. It's a low ABV ale for easy drinking. Dark in colour but full of flavour. I'm truly looking forward to this beer, it'll be great drinking whilst the weather is cold.

The wine I put on is an Italian Piedmont Barolo with crushed grape skins. The grape skins add extra tannins and body to the wine. After fermentation this wine will require ageing for 12-18 months before it reaches it's peak. If all goes well this will be one of the best wines I've ever made.