Feedback model app released

As of today version 3.0.0 and 3.0.0-beta of my Feedback model application have been released on iOS and Android respectively.

Both versions of the application were developed during my 6-week UROP placement this summer and there development was documented on this blog. The major change to the iOS version is that now any system can be modelled by the applciation, simply by adding a file describing the model to the application. The inital release only supports four different models, however, in the future update support for users adding models will be released.

The Android version of the application was a completely new project, the first ever Android application I developed and a complete re-code of the Feedback model app to replicate the new functionality being introduced to the iOS version. Due to this this application still lacks the final polish that the iOS application has, however, through future updates the final touches will be made and hopefully the same features will be able to be made available to both platforms. Currently The 3.0.0-beta version on Android is missing the OpenGLES 2.0 sine graphs as these were not possible to implement in the same way as they had been in the iOS application.