A new home, a new homelab

Not long ago my fiancĂ©e and I moved into a house together. When we did, I decided that I wanted to create a more professional home »

Final Year Project: A conclusion

My final year project is now complete and has been submitted. So I thought I'd take this time to write up a nice little blog post »

Artificial Life: a fish simulation

For a module called Swarm Intelligence and Artificial Life I was tasked with developing a website that contained a demonstration of either a swarm intelligence or »

Using a maximum likelihood estimator to classify features of an image

One of the most important tasks in visual intelligence is to be able to identify and classify objects in an image. One method by which this »

Word Embeddings: an in-depth explanation

Word embeddings are an important part of natural language processing and as such are playing an important role in my project. I thought it'd be useful »

Solving a Problem

In my last post I talked about the data sets that can be used to train a system to find the subject of a sentence. This »