A new home, a new homelab

Not long ago my fiancée and I moved into a house together. When we did, I decided that I wanted to create a more professional home network and organise my homelab a little better.

My original setup

When we first moved in this is what my study looked like:
router on desk My router and modems on the desk.
Servers on desk Servers on the floor or desk.
Switch under desk Finally, the switch hidden under the desk.

First improvement

So, the first thing to do was to run CAT7 ethernet cable from the server cupboard to all the bedrooms and to the lounge. After, I had a nice bundle of cables ready to use
Network cables

Then I punched them down into a CAT6.A patch panel. All the runs to the rooms are on one side, and then anther two run to the other. The two separated runs are for the "dsl" connection into the modems.
Patch panel

Now the rack is ready to be put back into the server cupboard.
Rack in cupboard and for now the router and modems are still connected outside:
Router and modems

Moving the modems and router into the rack

I wanted to move my router and modems into the rack, but, my rack-mount router has very noisy fans. So first, I swapped them out.

I bought some BlackSilentPro fans

and fitted them into the router
Fans in place

Final Result

BT Sockets Rack Top of Rack Bottom of Rack